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Why Fresh Invest Ltd?

  • Comprehensive investment solutions

    New markets, new ideas and new products. In a market that never stands still we keep our fingers on the pulse of the investment market to bring our investors exciting new as well as conventional investment opportunities from forestry, overseas property, student investment, portfolio's and below market value properties.

  • Expert advice tailored to the individual investor

    We work with you to analyse your investment strategy, quite often a first time investor will not know this which is why we take the time to understand what your long term goals are.

  • Specialists in creating balanced and profitable property portfolios

    Off plan, buy to sell, buy to let, capital appreciation, income generation, highly reversionary. Everyone has differing requirements, one investor will forgo income for capital appreciation, another might want the maximum annual return. The skill is knowing what to be in and when and when to get out. ...we do it.

  • Investment opportunities structured to minimise capital outlay and maximise ROI

    We don’t advocate the 110% mortgage or gifted deposits nor unrealistic returns but realise that some investors require the field to be tilted in their favour and with a close relationship with builders and developers we know they want to sell....we do it.

  • Prime investment opportunities in the UK and overseas

    “Prime “ not only as in the best position or pick of the litter but what is ascending, what has occurred to make that happen and where is it happening next. Remember, what has been prime may not remain.......we do it

  • We turn down 95% of properties we source, offering you the top 5% of the market

    “If it’s too good to be true then chances are it’s not true”...“With the benefit of hindsight”.....poignant words from investors. We source opportunities for early investment, basement level investments, but make sure that your investment is proportional to the phases of development and a deliverable asset....we do it.

  • Our opportunities are packaged to generate maximum profit with minimum risk

    With over 40 years worth of experience in this market we really have seen it all before. We use this experience to minimise your risk to the market whilst also maximising your profit by supplying RICS valuations and ARLA rental letters where possible.

  • Invest in the latest 'hotspots' and emerging markets in the UK and overseas.

    Just as one side of our world is in darkness, the other is light so countries emerge and decline as investment focal points. We seek opportunities worldwide with investor’s builders and developers being drawn to the bright and shining and new languages… “Villas, cabanas, ranches, condominiums, shared equity and part buy part rent”…..we do it

  • Complete investment packages for the 'hands-off' investor.

    Armchair investor?...We source investments with the minimum involvement where accountable management is in place to maximize your return whether it be a hotel room, a cabana, a villa, a studio or even a parcel of forestry you need to know it is managed and promoted to maximise your returns so your assets appreciate…..we do it

  • Delivering the very best alternative investments on the market

    We believe that our clients are more interested in our investment's returns, than specifically investing in property. Forestry, Art, Soft Commodities, Stamps, all of these are genuine investments and should account for a part of any growing portfolio. Spreading your risk is essential and we will do our best to achieve a balanced portfolio for you.

Buyers Guides

In depth information on our country locations.

Our buyers guide's have been carefully put together to give you brief information on the different countries in which we offer property. If you want a breakdown of the best and worst things about each country, look no further!

What our clients say about us.

"We have had the pleasure of working with Fresh Invest over the past three years. We are a small property company with a fairly complex remit. Daniel and his team have been excellent in providing us with first class service, from their sound initial advice, seeking out the right properties and finally negotiating some extremely competitive deals. We have recommended them to many of our colleagues whom have also been delighted with their results".

Mrs Jilly Styles - EF Juniper Properties - Fresh Invest client