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Registered in 2004, Fresh Invest has a background in sourcing the very best property investment opportunities available.

Our remit has always been to find or structure the very best property investment opportunities available.

In 2008, thanks to a solid client base and productive long term relationships with developers worldwide, we decided to take the logical step of joint venturing with a select few developers.

The developer would bring the land/building and the idea and we would analyse the market, present the investment angle and structure the opportunity.

We have successfully worked with many of the world’s largest developers and agents, building valuable relationships which lead to us working time and again with the same clients.

In the last 2 years we have sourced property or structured investments worth over £230,000,000 achieving a yield of over 10% NET and immediate equity in excess of 20%.

Today Fresh Invest has retained its bespoke culture, only releasing a handful of investments a year on an exclusive basis. We also have sister companies in financial services, property development and property management.

For us, investor satisfaction is everything!

Our Fresh Property investment package includes:

  • One of the UK’s most established Property Investment Consultancies
  • £822,000,000 Property Sold so far
  • Genuine discounts
  • RICS valuations where available
  • ARLA certified rental assessments
  • No joining fees
  • Investment packages tailored to individual investor needs
  • Over 50 year’s worth of experience in the industry
  • Extensive contacts with property professionals
  • Preferential rates on a wide range of associated products and services

In 2017 we are seeing record demand for our investments, in the first quarter of 2017 we have already hit last years total sales target and we see no signs of this demand decreasing.

Because of our pedigree and attention to detail many of our clients continue to invest with us exclusively. At any one time our due diligence department will be researching 2-3 investment opportunities, this is a constant process that is needed because of the small percentage of investments we actually accept.

we turn down 95% of the investments offered to us, we like to think we offer the top 5% of the market.

Our Property Investments

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A full service property investment consultancy

How we work with Property Investors:

  1. Initial consultation, this can be done over the phone or face to face. We work through a number of questions with the investor to get an idea of their investment requirements. Often their preferred investment type is actually not what would work best for them.
  2. Over a few days we will collate an investment brief for sign off and begin to research potential investments.
  3. When the investor has decided on an investment opportunity we work with the developer to obtain the best price and if off plan the most secure purchase process possible.
  4. During this time we also recommend solicitors, mortgage brokers and letting/managing agents. Over the last 10 years we have refined this process so we only work with the best trades available.
  5. Our commitment to the buyer does not end when a price has agreed, we keep in touch with all parties throughout the purchase process, making sure it runs smoothly.
  6. Our investors know that even after completion we are on hand to field any questions and give advice where necessary.

How we work with Property Developers:

  1. Most of our work begins with the developer coming to us with a site, sometimes with planning, often not.
  2. We meet the developer at site to get an idea of exactly what their requirements, timescales and necessary profit and deposit levels are.
  3. If the developer does not have a specific idea of what he wants to develop, we will provide a detailed analysis of the area including a breakdown of sale prices for each property type.
  4. Once this analysis is provided we give guidance on the benefits of specific property types with indications of where the demand is from investors.
  5. If off plan and the developer requires over 10% deposit to aid in build costs we will create a full purchase structure that protects the investor whilst giving the developer the necessary freedom to build.
  6. When purchase structure is complete we will start marketing the investment to our own client base, via online marketing and to our sub agent network.
  7. As sales come in, we liaise with both solicitors to make sure the purchase process runs as required.