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London Property Investment


Below Market Value




Invest from

London Property Investment

  • Property Syndicate of 10 Individuals
  • Invest from £25,000
  • Residential Buy to Let Investment
  • Property purchased below market value
  • All Property within M25

More Information

The Opportunity

Fresh Invest are delighted to offer its investors the chance to invest in London Buy to Let property from just £25,000.

Investment is sought via a syndicate structure which allows investors to invest in a London based residential buy to let.


Each syndicate offers a limited number of individuals (10 per investment), the opportunity to jointly invest in a single residential property, to be cash purchased in London.

Applications for investment are vetted by the investment company and Moore Stephens Accountants. This involves evidence of identity and full anti money laundering checks.

Incoming funds allocated to the property purchase are held in a new bank account set up by Moore Stephens, on behalf of the new investment until the funding target is reached.

Sourcing of Properties

Once the funding target is reached each member of the syndicate will receive details of suggested properties that have been thoroughly vetted by the investment company. Those properties will generally comply with the following brief:

  • Property is located within the M25 London Orbital Motorway and generally around Cross Rail routes  and regeneration areas.
  • 100% Cash Purchased
  • Properties which can have value added by refurbishment

The details of each property will include a full plan of how the property is to be refurbished, a recommended contractor to carry out the work and proposed terms of appointment of said contractor.

Example Proposal

  • Property Purchase – £200,000
  • Refurbishment Budget – £25,000
  • Various Fee’s – £12,500
  • Initial Contingency/Safety Net Fund – £12,500


The investment company monitors and supervises the full refurbishment of the chosen property by the chosen contractor and arranges stage payments as per terms agreed.

Rental Income

All rental income (minus 10% management fee) is paid into the investment syndicate bank account on a month to month basis. This strategy allows the syndicate to constantly sustain a good bank balance which protects members from any unforeseen costs and enables the shareholders to vote annual Tax Free dividends, distributed from the growing rental fund.

Sales of Property (Exit)

Generally each property is sold on the 5th year of purchase, however each syndicate has the option of extending for up to a year should market conditions dictate and if 100% of shareholders agree.

At the point of sale 100% of the profits are distributed to the 10 syndicate members, after providing for any costs of liabilities.

Fee Structure

For access to this exclusive investment the investment company charges a fee equivalent to 2.5% of the individuals investment.


  •  The application fee for a £25K investment into a £250K syndicate is £625
  • The application fee for a £35K investment into a £350K syndicate is £875
  • The application fee for a £50 investment into a £500K syndicate is £1250
  • The application fee for a £75K investment into a £750K syndicate is £1875
  • The application fee for a £100K investment into a £1m syndicate is £2500

The fees above are payable with your syndicate application and in addition to your funding commitment for the relevant syndicate.

No other fees are charged to individual members of the syndicate.