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Property Investment in Liverpool

31st July 2017

Consider Liverpool for your next property investment

Seasoned property investors regard Liverpool as one of the best UK cities to put your money into. We look at the reasons for such acclaim.

Local Liverpool economy

Liverpool has a strong local economy, making it very attractive to private investors. Rental yields are high, and the huge student population in Liverpool means there will always be good rental demand. Low house prices and high rental values enable property investors to maximise their yields.

House prices are generally lower in the North of England. This means it is possible to generate a steady income from property investment with relatively low risk. Although property prices in Liverpool are currently low, they are predicted to experience high growth in the near future.

Young people in Liverpool need accommodation

Not content with just one, Liverpool has an impressive total of three universities. The University of Liverpool, John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University mainly offer halls of residence accommodation to first year students only. This leaves around 80% of students needing to find private accommodation. Currently there is around 54,000 university students in Liverpool, hence there is plenty of demand for rental accommodation.

Approximately 60% of students that come to Liverpool to study, choose to settle in the city after they finish their degree. With an insufficient supply of purpose-built accommodation to meet demand, property investment in the city has proven to be particularly lucrative in recent years.

The city also has a nationally renowned performing arts school. And let’s not forget a rather famous football club! Young people are in abundance in Liverpool.

Liverpool regeneration projects

Regeneration is happening in Liverpool on an unprecedented scale. Several schemes are underway, largely focusing on the docks area and housing. Liverpool city centre itself has gained from substantial investment and is now a vibrant, commercially successful centre.

Once the regeneration is complete, Liverpool will have thousands of new homes, commercial spaces and retail units. As a result, there will be increased employment opportunities across the city, bringing in even more people.

In conclusion, the student property market is buoyant in Liverpool and shows no signs of slowing for now. Rental demand is high and income returns attractive, making property investment here a sensible option. Please get in touch for our latest property investment opportunities in Liverpool.

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