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It's all the NINJAs fault!

2nd June 2009

As we all sit around wondering why our shares are worth 50% of their initial value and our savings are returning a staggering 2% per annum, i think its time to blame NINJAs, or more importantly, the people that lend them money!

If your thinking, he’s finally lost it, hold on and let me explain.

I’m not talking about the type of NINJAs that wear black pyjamas and lurk in dark places! Im talking about “No Income, No Job, No Assets” N.I.N.J.A.s.

It’s because the lenders lent money to these massively high risk characters that we are in the poaition we are today.

There is a reason NINJAs do not own their own houses and it’s generally because they can’t afford both the deposit and the monthly mortgage payments. With 100% mortgages available many high risk applicants decided the time was ripe to take their first step onto the ladder.

Suddenly all the spare cash that was swilling around at the beginning of the century was quickly used up, much to the lenders delight.

Bankers then took all of these loans, mixed in some better ones and sold them to other banks who found the high interest rates attractive.

The problem arose when these “fixed rate” mortgages came to fruition!

Suddenly Joe Blogs went from paying an affordable rate to one miles outside his comfort zone, they default on their payments and the heavily traded loans that were made are found out to be be worth about the same as the paper they were printed on!

This may have been manageable if their hadn’t been over $1 trillion worth of these loans in the market!

Any lender with a high risk business model eventually came a cropper as banks bit the bullet and decided to stop lending to one another.

From there on i’m sure you all pretty much know the story, banks are “helped out” by the Government and we all eventually suffer.

One point worth noting is that the banks that took these massive gambles that eventually doomed us all were rewarded by being taken over by the Government!

Interesting seeing that if any small business owner made such a colossal cock up we would be on the street before we could say Northern Rock!

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