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Invest before the next Step Up!

23rd June 2009

Sky news has reported that buyers are flooding back to the UK property market. Is it now time for everyone to jump on the band-wagon?

It is no secret that the UK property market has been hit hard by this recession, but with buyers “Flooding” back to the market there is only one way prices can go and that’s UP! Prices have been slowly rising over the past couple of months; as banks lessen the restrictions on their lending patterns and start to let the government’s efforts of quantitative easing, filter through to the consumer.

Sky news reported that last month there was on average 4 house hunters to every house on the market.

Now don’t get me wrong I know, as does everyone else, that the underlying reason for this recession has still not been rectified. The banks still have a lot of bad debt on their balance sheets and unemployment is still rising. But let’s paint one possible picture – The re-emergence of the buyer will see the seller take the opportunity to test the market. Now if these sellers can offload their property quickly enough, they will be able to take advantage of the current low interest rates to make the move that they have been waiting the last 18 months to achieve, for many this will be a movement up the ladder. We need to remember that there is 18 months worth of first time buyers waiting to make that first jump and this could be the fuel to fire the recovery.

If first time buyers do start flooding back to the market and property prices start to stabilise, maybe banks will be able to start lessening their restrictions on the credit driven companies , these may therefore be able to start employing again. If employment starts to rise then mortgage approvals will follow suit. Interest rates will have to rise but if people are in employment they will hopefully still be able to afford their repayments and if this happens in large quantities the banks will be in a much better position to survive this recession.


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