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Where is everybody putting their savings?

25th March 2009

The recent drop in the base rate has had a dramatic impact on peoples pensions and savings, this is a fact..

So what are these people doing to alleviate this problem?

The answer more often that not is nothing.

I think the british public faces a real awakening when they stick their heads up above the sand and look at the state of their pensions/savings.

Now my job is to sell property, that is what i’m good at and that is what makes me money. In this market it should be the easiest sell possible.

My pitch would go somewhat like this….savings making you 2% max, pension value has collapsed and shows no sign or changing, buy a 2 bed flat in a good location and secure between a 5% and 9% yield along with long term capital growth.

Anyone that has ever sold property for an investment knows the challenges we face regards peoples perception of this as an investment. It is widely known as a high risk investment with fantastic gains but also devestating losses.

Now i would argue that if you do not over expose yourself, take a long term view and purchase wisely there is never a bad time to buy property.

The point remains the same, if you want your money in a fairly safe long term investment vehicle, do you really have a choice?

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