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You don't need a crystal ball, just look to the past!

12th June 2009

Everybody seems to be waiting with baited breath for sure signs that the property market is on the up.

I liken it to being a child just about to take that first jump on your bmx, you spend all day making the jump then all gather at the top of the hill ready to go. Then you all stop, look at each other, daring the other to go first.

This is how i see many of us in the property market.

Nowone wants to be the first, we all need to know that someone has taken that jump before us!

If we take a quick history trip back to the second half of 1992, the market was just beginning to emerge from the doldrums of the late 80’s.

If we use Halifax’s figures, the average price in 1990 was £69,000, by 1992 it was £61,000, however, as we entered the millenium it has climbed to £81,500, a 15% increase.
In London prices has skyrocketed from £76,000 to £142,000!
This explains the recent increase in viewings in the capital.

The other explanation is easily explained if you look at the typical house buyer at the moment.
They fall directly into the middle age, middle class category.

These individuals were either at university or not on good enough wages to take advantage of price increases in the early 90’s. However, since then many have worked hard and are now in a solid job, having regularly paid off their mortgage.

These are the types of people that see an opportunity, they are also the people that are in the best position to take advantage of it.

The downturn in the market has resulted in the North/South divide widening again, where most southerners seem to have a larger amount of equity, this has allowed them to ride out the downturn in relative safety; whislt also paying off massive chunks of their mortgage thanks to the low base rate.

Because of this they are now in the ideal position to pray on an underperforming market.

Lenders are heavily favouring investors with large deposits and good jobs which is exactly the demographic many of these investors fall into.

Whilst i still think the property market has another 10% drop in it, i’m buying, the reasons?

I would rather pick up a high yielding property off a desperate seller in a declining market than a property off a confident seller in a buoyant market.

If you are worried about the 10%, offer 10% below market value, your more likely to get it now and take advantage of low mortgage rates than after the market has turned!

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