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Another Build-Complete Tenanted Student Investment

8th October 2015

Fresh Invest are very happy to say/show that another one of our student property investments has recently completed and we have another very happy client, benefitting from excellent rental returns in a newly renovated student HMO property.

We were approached by a developer we have worked with in the past to source an investor buyer for a new student investment in Liverpool he had just purchased. The property was a wreck, one we had seen on our most recent visit to Liverpool, but we knew it had potential, being across the road from a very successful previous student development of ours!

The property was a terraced 4/5-bed house with a small courtyard to the rear. It required extensive refurbishment

We ran some figures and provided the developer with a valuation, at a figure, which would be attractive to our investor buyers and provide him with a profitable exit strategy, whereby we could minimize his risk.

We had the property sold in a matter of days to one of our valued clients, who put down a 55% deposit upfront, secured against the property for the short renovation period. In exchange for providing this cash up front we were able to sell the property at a great price to the purchasing client, who was happy to get such a strong deal.

The renovation went well without a hitch and the property was complete well in time for the academic year beginning September 2015. All rooms were rented quickly and our client is now benefitting from an excellent yield post completion of over 10% after all costs!

Fresh Invest are happy that we have played such a pivotal role in another great deal providing development finance to one of our most trusted developers and another brilliant addition to our client’s growing property portfolio.

Due diligence is so important when entering the property investment market and we are happy to say that all of the investments we have sold have provided no hassle ownership, the returns promised, growth in those returns and viable exit strategies. All of these factors together make our investments some of the best and most proven in the market.

Whether you’re a developer looking for a good exit strategy or an investor looking to make your next acquisition, contact Fresh Invest today. Call – 01243 527 327

Below are a number of pictures, taken before the students moved in!

Student HMO Exterior

Student HMO Garden

Student HMO Kitchen

Student HMO wet room 2

Student HMO Wet Room

Student HMO 4

Student HMO lounge

Student HMO 3

Student HMO 2

Student HMO 1

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