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Surf's up... Invest before prices follow suit!

16th June 2009

We love offering UK property here at Fresh Invest and none more so than the areas which are local to us. Now everyone wants a high yielding portfolio with great capital gains. The only problem being that often it is a case of the bigger the risk – the bigger the reward. This therefore means investing off plan and overseas.

However our most recent opportunity on the South Coast of the UK has all the makings of a great investment i.e:

  • Massive Gentrification.
  • A budding tourism scene.
  • Large cash injections.
  • Great discounts.
  • A good rental market with possible very high yields (discussed later)
  • Great Sea Front location… Never a bad thing.

Where in the UK is this so called “Investment Haven?”



Yes that’s right sunny Boscombe close to Bournemouth has been receiving massive cash injections from the local government and is on the up!


What does that mean? Well put simply it means “going up market” and with this comes increasing property prices and increasing rental prices. Which to you and me means Capital Growth and Rental yields Harry Redknapp has recently bought a flat in the area.


With the majority of the British public strapped for cash due to the current economic climate they will be looking to holiday in the UK. Not to mention the weakness of the pound this is making holidaying abroad a very expensive luxury.

Coupled with this is the development of the UK’s first artificial surf reef! That is sure to bring in some revenue for the surrounding area.

The newly refurbished “Beach Pods” Designed by Wayne Hemmingway (Red or Dead) have just been released for sale and have really bought a modern and vibrant look to the beachfront.


One thing with property in holiday locations is that the rents chargeable can become massively inflated in the summer months meaning that if you could secure a long winter let and then regular summer lets you could be on to a property with a very high rental yield!


For more information on our Boscombe opportunity click here
Or freephone on 0800 043 69 56

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