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Student Property Investment – still a great buy

26th May 2011

Student Property InvestmentThe student property market has been the focus of much debate over the past few weeks in the property industry. Still remaining strong and with more and more purpose built student blocks rising from the ground. But will the increased fees now payable to universities stifle the rental market as less people can actually afford to go? If they can afford to go are more students going to be looking towards the private rented sector and house shares to cut down their monthly overheads?

High Rise Student blocks have started popping up in most university student towns and cities as savvy developers see the potential for a 51 week tenancy agreement and maximising their rack rent by utilising as much of the available space in a building as possible by filling it with bedsits and communal spaces as opposed to self contained apartments.

High rise student blocks are often most popular with the overseas student market that will be coming over to the country and staying for a longer period of time often lets of 43 or 51 weeks, they tend to stay in the UK for the summer, they also normally pay higher fees, sometimes up to £20,000 per year making them a vital fee earner for UK universities.

London in particular is an area where student development is taking off and with figures recently released showing demand over the next few years and the supply that is currently in the pipeline, it could be only the overseas students that will be in a position to front the rising costs. The predicted shortfall of beds is 47,000 by 2016! In the new Nido scheme at Spitalfields students will be expected to pay up to £350 per week per person!

Even with the caps on overseas students that the government has proposed we feel the student property investment market is going to remain strong for a few years yet. As top universities start to charge higher fees in London maybe more students will start to look at smaller university towns and other large respectable locations may continue to grow.

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