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Property Investment - Why you actually have no choice!

4th November 2009

Property investment - why you have little choice.

I have noticed many of our investors are holding off investing in buy to let property, instead choosing to make doubly sure that the market is on its way to a recovery before jumping in.

Not a bad idea, it certainly mitigates your risk in the property investment market.

But! are you not missing out on the very time when developers are looking to do discounted deals?

Developers are no different from us, they want to make as much profit as possible which means getting the very best price they can.

If you want to sell your car, your only going to discount it if you really need to.

If suddenly all other cars dissapeared and yours was one of the only ones available you would think you were on to a winner and charge top whack!

This is what will happen with new build property soon. The property investment market is recovering and new build property supply is decreasing!

Soon 20% discounts on new build property will only be available in the very worst developments or the largest bulk opportunities.

When this happens it will be no use complaining you have missed the boat, it will have sailed and you will face the choice of not investing at all or paying top prices for buy to let property.

If you have £20,000 spare at the moment you have 3 choices as far as i can see.

1. Leave it in a savings account.

You will probably achieve 3% on your money but it is relatively safe.

2. Invest it in shares.

But what shares? most people have probably seen their share portfolio’s decrease by at least 30% over the last year so do you want to risk it again? even if you do only the very highest risk shares wiull give you the kind of returns that you can expect from a buy to let property.

3. Buy to Let Property Investment.

Just this week we have sold 15 units in 2 different developments, one in Gravesend in Kent, £21,000 into a mortgage gets you a return of 8% and clear profit of £300 per month. One in Salford costs £20,000 into a mortgage and a return of nearly 9% with profit of £330 per month.

Most of these units are already let, one of our bulk purchasers rented 5 apartments in Gravesend in one day. We only offer property in areas where we know there is high demand.

We are seeing more investors buy now than for many years, all of those that are not have to ask themselves why not? Are you perhaps missing out when others are taking advantage of this unique situation?

We know 2 things for definite.

1. The property market will recover at some point.

2. The yields you can achieve today are some of the highest we have ever seen.

These 2 points make it impossible not to at least consider property as an investment strategy.

Quite simply, if you want a good return on your money with little risk and the prospect of high capital growth do you really have a choice?

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