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Portfolio Management

12th February 2009

Well, interesting news at Fresh Invest.

A while ago we realised that there is a gap in the market for a portfolio management company that not only collects the rentals and conducts rent reviews, but also takes an active interest in the property that is contained in the portfolio.

We found that many investors simply go to a large letting agent and hand their portfolio over in it’s entirety.

Through our relationships with some national letting agents we have managed to agree a significant discount off of their fees.

What we propose is that we let our letting agent take over the day to day management of an investors portfolio whilst we conduct monthly reviews of your property, recommending selling or buying specific property.

As a property investment company we believe we are ideally positioned to take advantage of potential growth areas before they are hit by the investors. We also hear when some areas are overpopulated by investors. Giving our portfolio holders this information can prove invaluable.

Let us know what you think about this idea…

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