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No snow for me next year! - Barbados Property

3rd December 2010

As I sat at home yesterday unable to get to the office, I could not help but let my mind drift to warmer climates, particularly that of Barbados, where my siblings and I have recently purchased our latest overseas property investment

Now, Weston Resort is not just a great place for us to holiday but we have done some conservative figures for rental returns and the results are absolutely staggering!

Barbados is a great country for investment, but it is imperative that you find the right development in the right location! Weston Resort is a breath of fresh air on the normally, very expensive west coast of the island. As many reading this will know, there are two things you really want to achieve with a property investment and they are: Yield and Capital Growth.

Capital Growth has, for a long time not been a hard thing to achieve in Barbados, It has always remained popular with sun seekers and particularly English sun seekers; however, yield is a different matter. Where prices in Barbados have traditionally been high it is hard to achieve a rental income that will. 1. Service the mortgage repayments and 2. Provide you with an income on top.

This is where Weston separates itself from other developments in Barbados. Because of prudent cost management, the developer’s long background in construction and their knowledge of planning systems, they are able to offer apartments in their development at around 40% below the market value of similar properties in the local area. This alone gives you the upper hand when it comes to renting your apartment out as you will receive a larger return in comparison to your purchase price.

Because of the low purchase price, we are able to take just a small mortgage, which means that repayments are also low. On just a 38% rental occupancy and room rates that undercut the competition we have worked out that we should receive a rental yield of over 10% and a net return after mortgage repayments of over £10,000!

Rather than battling the snow next year, come and join us on the beach at the brilliant Weston, Barbados Property Investment.

The developer is currently working on another Property Investment in Holetown.

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