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Has the market turned?

12th February 2009

With the government warning first time buyers to step onto the property ladder now rather than wait Fresh Invest gives it’s views on the market as a whole and it’s thoughts of a reported market turnaround.

The property market has always been a fairly fast moving animal, where price rises and falls in other markets happen on a weekly basis, the price of a new build flat seems to change on a daily basis at the moment!

We are finding that the massive discount of the last quarter of last year and largely no longer available.

I was just last week given an opportunity by a major developer at 30% discount, 2 days later i put in an offer at 40% discount for a large number of units. I was told that this was double what they were willing to do!

Obviously this confused me somewhat, in the 4 days i had taken to get back to them they had sold a number of units and could therefore be more “bullish” with their prices!

I suppose this shows how quick you need to operate in this market. It must be fairly daunting for a newbie investor, being asked to invest in something worth a few hundred thousand pounds in just a couple of days!

Unfortunately, if you want to invest successfully this is generally the pace you need to work at!

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