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Discounts drop as new build property runs out

24th June 2009

As a property investment company we are uniquely placed to gather real time information on the UK property market.

These are our thoughts.

Well it’s simple supply and demand really.

As the market started to drop last year and various buy to let mortgages disappeared off the market many developers either land banked of sold off previously earmarked developments.

We are now starting to see the impact of this.

Less property coming onto the market means more potential buyers for the property that is left.

This in turn means that a new sense of confidence has appeared in the market.
Before, sellers may have had one or two viewings; they now have ten or twelve.

The only reason we have not seen a massive surge in prices is the remaining problem, which is loan to value rates.

However, this is also due to change.

We have it on good understanding that the Government is due to force a “must lend” initiative on lenders which is due in the next 6 weeks.

When this comes around I think we will see the end of any discounts whatsoever.
Until builders start to build again there simply is not the need for the developers to do deals.

Property Investment companies have always based their success on bulk selling units for a greater discount than an individual will obtain direct.

When the developer simply does not have the units to bulk sell our service becomes obsolete, for the time being anyway.

My Conclusion:

Buy at a discount whilst you can, you may not get another chance for a long while and you can bet that the investors that are prudent will have to take a massive hit on mortgage interest rates in the future, let’s face it, they won’t go down any more!

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