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A breath of fresh air in Student BTL's

9th March 2012

Most people reading this will know that we are an advocate of the student property market here at Fresh Invest.

With good management and an attractive property you can benefit from very high and secure rental yields.

With student demand increasing year upon year and a massive shortage in student accommodation currently available in the UK, it seems like Student Property is a great area for investment and many of our investors have been taking advantage of that fact and profiting


There are many different facets of student property available for investment and we feel that our Student HMO’s are the best opportunity out there right now.

Our latest Student Investment in Liverpool is ideal for those investors looking for large returns but still looking to maintain an easy exit strategy from the investment, with high capital growth.

We now have just 4 houses remaining from 9 in total on this development site and we expect them to sell quickly. The development was only released around 2 weeks ago and since then we have had significant interest in the properties.

Our Liverpool Student Investment was completely designed by us. The developer came to us at the end of last year looking for an idea of how best to develop out a piece of land he currently owned, taking advantage of its location. With our knowledge of the student market up there and previous experience of selling student property in Liverpool and the demand for that type of property from both investors and students, we designed a scheme with the investor in mind, minimising their exposure to risk, whilst maximising returns in capital and rental income.

The site lies within 2 miles of 3 major university campuses and just 2.9 miles from a fourth. With a bus stop just 100 metres from the development, communications with the university are great and students will have no problem getting to the various campuses

The investment provides the investor with the opportunity to invest just £57,000 and generate a net income of £15,310 per year, after mortgage costs, maintenance and management fees!

INVESTMENT BREAKDOWN: 6 Bedroom Student Town house.

  • Price: £190,000
  • Deposit @ 30%: £57,000
  • Mortgage Amount @70%: £133,000
  • Yearly Rental Income: £25,500
  • Gross Yield: 13.42%
  • Mortgage Cost @5%: £6,650
  • Maintenance: £1,500
  • Management: £2,040
  • Net Return Per Month: £1,276 (£15,310 per annum)

If you would like some further information on any of our student property investments, please either use the appropriate contact form on the website, or send us an email at info@freshinvest.co.uk

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