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When is the best time to invest in property

5th July 2016

When is the best time to invest in property?

In a financial arena that is showing historically low interest rates and an increasingly volatile stock market; many investors are looking to property for a more secure return.

With a rental market that is underpinned by two important factors, an increasing population and the fact we live on an island and space will always be a premium. These factors will not change. With the implications of Brexit still to be felt and further taxes levied on property being used as an investment, a loss of confidence in the market. However, the 2 factors above have not changed.

So Should i Buy?

The opportunity as i see it is to buy now when confidence is low; discounts can be had and higher yields can be achieved. Remember financing your investment is also cheaper now. A 5 year fixed rate buy to let mortgage at around 3% is available to many consumers; this represents a great opportunity to secure your investment.

Delving a bit deeper into areas, the northern powerhouses represent terrific value for money and with new train routes planned. London is now within commutable distance from Birmingham and even Manchester.

60 million wealthy consumers and a highly skilled workforce make up a large part of the UK. We are a massive importer of consumer goods and other countries will not want to lose that trade, our skilled workforce will also always attract multinational employers.

2016 will be a year of uncertainty, whether we like it or not. People will hold off on the purchase of that new car or house, however one thing no investor can afford to do is to have lazy money, it is in times like these that investors can assure their financial future by a well thought out property investment.

At Fresh Invest we have an 11 year track record of successfully providing industry leading property investments. So when is the best time to invest? Its now!

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