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Barbados Property – Weston Resort update

13th May 2011

Weston Resort, a development of 45 apartments on the west coast of Barbados, at prices far below anything seen in this location in recent years, is still progressing well and the exterior shell of the building is coming up very quickly.

After a small set back due to an unforeseeable amount of rain in the past few months, Weston is still taking shape quickly. We have been constantly updating our construction progress page with more and more pictures of the site as it begins to take shape and form one of the best investment opportunities in Barbados we have ever seen.

Weston offers investors the chance to purchase on the West Coast of Barbados at prices which are completely unheard of in this location. The development was first marketed at the beginning of 2010 and since then 95% of apartments have been sold, couple this with the fact that clients have exchanged contracts on their apartments and the build security is phenomenal. Apartments have sold so quickly on this development for a variety of reasons, mainly:

–          An excellent location,

–          Prices far below any local comparables,

–          Desirable payment plans,

–          A UK based developer with a long track record,

–          No restrictions on usage for owners,

–          Low maintenance fees, through the use of an owners’ cooperative,

–          Strong rental returns, with an offer from an excellent hotel operator

It has been a struggle for a long time to find something on the West coast of Barbados, which will not only provide the Capital Growth that has come to be expected in such a desired location, but with this, a return that could pay the mortgage on a leveraged property  and hopefully provide a return on top as well. When you can leverage your property safe in the knowledge repayments will be met with no money directly from your own pocket each month, you’re on to a winner. This also opens the investment opportunity up to a wider audience, leading on to a better price and further capital growth realised on resale as the deposit needed to buy the property and have a long secure income is reduced. We are sure that even when leveraged to the maximum LTV mortgage for Foreign nationals (70%LTV) these properties will show a strong net yield!

For more details on Weston Resort, please either use the “request information” tab on the web page or give us a call (freephone) on 0800 043 69 56

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