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3 Reasons why you should start investing in property again.

21st October 2009

step to property investment for blogProperty Investment….over the last 18 months probably the furthest thing from your mind!

So why start investing now?

1. Mortgage rates are relatively low.

Ok so the ltv rate isn’t great but the actual rates are pretty good and with our economy suffering i believe there is little chance of the boe base rate increasing.

An average 65% ltv mortgage on a new build flat is around 5% with second hand property mortgages available from 75% at 5% rate.

In historical terms the rate is a lot lower than it has been for a long while.

As ever, if you are building a property investment portfolio you need the mortgage rates to remain fairly low to allow you to repay the mortgage loan, another up shot is that when buy to let mortgages recover the ltv rates will increase, allowing you to remortgage.

2. Property supply is at an all time low!

With most new build developers choosing to stop building last year we now face the fact that it will take these housebuilders a year to get new schemes out of the ground.

This will mean that for around a year from now new properties will be some what of a rarity. New build property accounted for a massive part of the property bought last year, without this supply and with increasing demand prices are sure to increase.

UK Property Investment has always relied to a large part on developers willing to discount their property for either bulk sales or quick completions but if they have no stock….

3.  It’s cheaper to buy than rent.

Recent research has shown that for the first time in ages it is actually cheaper to buy than rent, well outside of London anyway!

Abbey found the average rent of £434pm compares to a mortgage payment of £382pm (with a 25% deposit). That’s a saving of £52pm. People in Wales and the north west would save on average £90pm. We can also overpay or save whilst interest rates are low.

So for those looking to start in property investment now looks like an ideal time.

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