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Overseas Property, is it the little things?

22nd November 2011

What really attracts people to purchase an overseas property, apart from location, price, and dimensional suitability?

I would argue that it is normally the LOVE factor. Most people fall in love with the property they want to purchase and will normally go with the one that just feels right when they go to view it, sometimes even in spite of it not being “the best deal.”

The reason for the question is, believe it or not, to do with overseas properties and what developer’s currently use to entice buyers to part with their hard earned cash. We have just experienced something which we feel is a fantastic idea from the developer of our Barbados Property Investment.

Weston Resort Kitchen








As I said, I believe it’s the little things that matter when it comes to a purchase, so what if a developer gives you the chance to fully customise your apartment when you purchase it? On our apartment in Barbados, because we purchased early, we were given the option to change the layout of the apartment by moving non load bearing walls as well as specifying if we wanted air conditioning in extra rooms, fans in extra places, different styled lights, the list is endless!

The reason I write about all of this now is that all purchasers on Weston Resort and Ixora Resort are given their own personal secure area on the developer’s website, which details all correspondence, construction progress, legal documents and now… “Interior styling” the interior styling tab is a new feature and we think it’s just great! We are now given the chance to customise the whole colour scheme of our apartment as well as choose between different finishes in our kitchen from the worktops to the tiles even down to the washing machine.

We think it is vitally important for clients to feel happy right the way through their purchase of an overseas property, this is why we stay in contact with all of our clients, offering advice and updates right up to completion.

Please use the link for more details on our Barbados Property.

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