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Holetown, Barbados - The Limegrove effect

8th February 2011

Property in Holetown did not really need any further boost to its desirability, with its excellent location, right on the west coast, comparatively cheaper property prices to many other West Coast Barbados towns and it’s excellent character. But Holetown has definitely received a boost. The new Limegrove shopping and lifestyle centre which is now complete and operating successfully is sure to have a positive effect on property in Holetown.

Barbados has long attracted many of the wealthiest celebrities from around the world. The reason for this could be down to a couple of things.

1.       Money attracts money – Many of the original celebrities purchased in Barbados because it was the closest Caribbean island to Europe, was not in the hurricane belt and had a stable economy and political system from its long British rule. Because of this, other celebrities soon followed.

2.       Property prices have been very robust because of the calibre of individuals that have purchased here and the fact that purchasers that were looking in less established locations went for security through the recession, which is exactly what Barbados can offer.

Holetown has proved a very desirable part of Barbados this can be partly attributed to the Sandy Lane Hotel, which has been a long time favourite of many wealthy individuals. The new Limegrove shopping and lifestyle centre is sure to attract even more interest and wealth. With names like “Cartier, Breitling, Armani, Dior, Ralph Lauren etc” taking positions in the new shopping centre, footfall and property interest in Holetown is sure to be kept high.

We predict Holetown is soon to be the “go to place” for many holidaymakers and Bajans alike. The Limegrove will, when under full occupation, offer shops, restaurants, bars, a night club and even a cinema, all within 400m of the stunning beaches of St James.

It is with this we would like to present Ixora Resort in Holetown. Ixora Resort is a development of 10 x 1 bed apartments and 1 x 2 bed apartment right in the centre of Holetown, with 1 bed apartments from $198,000… a price far below any local comparables, whilst also offering excellent rental returns. Ixroa Resort is no more than 200m away from the new Limegrove shopping centre and 500m from the beaches of St James and interest has already been very high with 5 apartments already sold. Apartments were actually selling before full planning was even achieved! Such is the reliability and trustworthiness of this developer from a UK background.

For more details of Ixora Resort, or any other property in Barbados, please contact us.

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