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Barbados property investors will see the benefit

12th April 2011

As news keeps flooding in regarding the increase of flights to Barbados we thought we should share our opinion on how we feel it will be a positive impact for Barbados property investors… that includes us!

Barbados remains a strong location for investment at the moment and with news that British Airways are putting on even more flights to cope with demand, we feel strongly that now is as good a time as any to invest, particularly in one of our excellent developments on the famed West Coast.

Unlike many overseas property investment destinations, Barbados’ property prices are not solely determined by a commercial factor, in occupancy rates and tourist arrivals, don’t get me wrong, it has an effect, but is not the only factor to take into account… What I mean by this is, many people purchasing in Barbados are not just doing it for a rental yield and Capital Growth, they purchase because 1. It has a stable economy and 2. It is somewhere they genuinely want to live in the future. Many of the purchaser’s on Weston Resort and Ixora Resort in Barbados invested for exactly that reason; they want to retire in Barbados in the future. Because of all of this, property prices in Barbados are stable i.e. a small drop off in tourist arrivals will not saturate the market with underperforming properties. However an increase in tourist arrivals and occupancy rates will still benefit owners on our developments handsomely.

Weston and Ixora Resort offer investors the chance to purchase in Barbados at an attractive price, with brilliant payment plans and most importantly in an excellent location. The most important factor with regards to Weston and Ixora Resort is the fact that the property prices are kept low enough to enable investors to take a mortgage if necessary and have that mortgage paid by rental income, with a net profit as well! Actually, through research of rental prices on the west coast of Barbados we envisage that a 55% LTV mortgage on these properties could be paid with just 6 weeks rental occupancy! Couple all of this with the fact that, the developer has an offer from a top hotel operator and you have a very strong property investment indeed.

For more details on any of our property investments in Barbados please contact us.

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