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Florida: paradise lost… or found?

27th August 2010

Anybody else see this show? On ITV last night a TV program about British families that have moved to the USA in search of a better quality of life and standard of living, with beautiful weather and what they thought were endless opportunities all looked rosy! The program highlighted a couple of contrasting scenarios one, a family that had moved there and taken on a home cinema business and another, a property developer (with the most annoying wife in the world I might add) who had gone there to take advantage of how far his money could stretch.

The home cinema business did not work in the slightest and profits were on a consistent downward spiral and the property developer had actually done really well… which may contradict what I’m going to say later on in this article.

All of the increased demand from overseas and the ease of credit in the US had increased house prices substantially, which wasn’t a problem as long as inflation was present, banks were still lending and credit was still flowing. However once the flow of credit stopped the US began to see some problems. House prices dropped and businesses began to struggle. One of the problems with this in the eyes of the UK family living in the US is to do with the visa they need to live there. A couple of the stipulations are that they need to own a business in the US which is employing US citizens and that business needs to be profitable. Now that second one can be a bit of a problem in a recession and if they cannot reach it, then the family will be told they have to go back to the UK.

So now you have UK citizens being forced back home leaving their houses and businesses, businesses failing, credit drying up and house prices falling, of course this lead to many defaults on home loans and not only from the UK citizens also the US citizens and inevitably the bailout from the taxpayer to save the banks and get them lending again.

After all of this, US citizens were obviously struggling to get a mortgage and those that did have a mortgage may well have lost their jobs anyway. Property prices tumbled and many have seen it as a better bet to rent as opposed to try and fail to get another mortgage.

Now we come to our US properties. You can now purchase properties in Florida that are priced far below the building cost, which have a steady professional tenant in place and are yielding around 15%. The majority of these properties were built by developers and then given to the bank when the developer went into liquidation. The properties we are offering have been purchased from the bank and modernised (they were built recently but never lived in so needed a little tlc) then tenants have been heavily vetted and placed in the properties.

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