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Investing Outside your Local Area

14th October 2017

Should you always invest in local property?

Investing in a rental property is an exciting, yet sometimes daunting experience. So, it is no surprise that many people feel most comfortable investing in an area close to them. Investing in your local area does have its advantages, but exploring the benefits of other areas should be considered before making any decisions.

What do you want from your investment?

Whether you are a well-versed landlord or a first-time investor, it is important that with each new property business venture, you establish goals. It is crucial to have a clear idea of exactly what you are looking to gain from your rental property. Research is key. Look at what returns a landlord can get from property in your local area compared to that of other areas. Work out what is best for you and assess whether available properties will allow you to achieve what you want. Do you want to use your rental home just for financial return or also as a holiday home to escape to?

Take time to consider your options and look outside areas you are familiar with. This will not only help you discover the perfect investment, but will give you knowledge of what the property market is currently offering renters.

What are the benefits of investing outside your local area?

Purchasing property in an unfamiliar area is understandably intimidating. However, just because you know an area well, that does not mean it is necessarily the best rental decision. It is important to study the market. Discovering what new areas can offer, may lead to lower priced properties with a much better return on investment.

Multiple property investors could benefit from having rental homes in different areas. This not only looks great in a portfolio, but taking advantage of high demand areas means a greater chance of occupancy. If one area is underperforming, you always have income coming from areas that are performing better.

Property management

When deciding to become a landlord, many people choose to look after and manage the property themselves. This makes buying out of area properties slightly more challenging. However, if dealing with your tenants’ every request is not for you, then consider appointing a letting agent.  This is the perfect way to avoid the stress and inconvenience that being a landlord can bring. It could also be the perfect solution if investing outside your local area.

We source only the best properties for our investors, and many of our clients use our services exclusively. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

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