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Is it a Good Time to Invest in Property?

29th December 2017

Has property investment been on your mind and you are waiting for the perfect time to take the plunge? Or perhaps you’ve recently come into some inheritance or a windfall, and are looking to invest the money in property? Whatever your financial situation, investing money in the property market needs careful consideration. And the “best time” to invest in property is largely down to personal circumstances and financial goals.

The UK property market

Ok, let’s be realistic here. Although choosing the best time to invest will depend on your own situation, we cannot ignore the state of the property market. For this blog, we are focusing on the UK property market. However, if you are interested in investing in property overseas, please contact us to discuss.

The UK property market is expected to see change in 2018. The development of transport links outside of London, and the benefits of Northern Powerhouse-related initiatives, will boost the property market in associated regions. In the buy-to-let market, challenges remain. The higher stamp duty charges since 2016, and tax changes aimed at buy-to-let landlords need to be taken into account. However, investing in the right property with high rental yields can still be a profitable option for your investment.

Student accommodation investment

Student accommodation continues to be highly attractive to investors and is an area you should certainly consider for your investment. According to recent research from Cushman & Wakefield, the supply of studio rooms has more than doubled since 2014, and the private sector provided 97% of these. However, you need to choose your location carefully to get the best returns. Our blog includes articles that may help you with this research.

With an increasing number of students moving away from home to study, and a whopping 23% of the current UK student population coming from overseas, demand for private accommodation remains strong. David Feeney, advisory associate at Cushman & Wakefield, states, “The sector will continue to prove attractive to investors and if developers are able to meet student demand for en-suite rooms, rising student numbers will provide suitable and reliable returns”.

Your financial goals

It is important to establish why you want to invest in property. There are, of course, many other investment vehicles available to you, from stocks and shares through to funds and ISAs. What has attracted you to property? Are you looking for a quick turnaround, or will this be a long-term investment? What is your attitude to risk? Being able to answer these questions will help you to focus on your financial goals and how you will achieve them through property investment.

To sum up

If you are investing in property for the long run, so long as you stay focused and true to your goals, go for it. You can always take impartial advice to help make your decision. But, if you can find an investment in the location you want, at a price you are comfortable with, don’t take too long to make up your mind or someone else will snap it up! The “best time to invest in property” is the best time for your personal circumstances and financial goals.

For more information or advice about investing in property, please contact us. You can also check out our investment page to see the latest opportunities we can offer to you.

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