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Economies of scale

1st July 2009

One thing you will notice a lot in terms of property investment is the economies of scale that are involved.

What I mean is the bigger the purchase the bigger the discount. So essentially the best discounts are only available to those investors of a high net worth.

However here at Fresh Invest we like to try and please everyone. So we will aim to use the larger purchasing power of our Bulk Investors and filter the discounts obtained through to our investors that are only looking for individual buy to let properties.

So any of our investors can register an interest in our bulk deals, then once a Fund has secured the properties we can start to sell to the single investor on behalf of the fund, this will be at a greatly reduced from list price.

This is good for the bulk buyers, as often they can get an almost instant return on their investment with the added choice of a great profit or an income stream from whichever properties they chose to hold and let privately.

A typical example is one of our current Opportunities in London. The developer is offering these to the single investor at 10% discount. However we have now secured these apartments at a larger discount with the use of a fund and can now offer these to the single investor at a discount of 20% leading to an average saving of around £20,000 to the single investor.

At the moment we have an opportunity in Boscombe. Now if you purchase 3 units in Boscombe and the developer would entertain a 25% discount however for one property the developer would only give a 15% discount. If we can get a bulk buyer to negotiate a very feasible discount of 30% for 10 units then sell back to the individual investor at a rate of 20% or 25% off of list price, the individual investor has saved 5-10%

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