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Why Cape Verde is the New Caribbean?

15th May 2009

When looking for an overseas investment opportunity Location Location Location really is the most important factor!

If you are looking at an up and coming emerging country that may make massive capital appreciation for you over the coming years i think Cape Verde is the place to be.

When investing myself i normally ask myself who would buy or rent the property i’m purchasing.

Well who would holiday in Cape Verde.

In my mind you have to submit to one of the following:

1. You want winter sun
2. You do not like 9 hour flights
3. Holiday is a rare commodity so you may only be able to take a week at a time
4. Nothing too in your face
5. Value for money

To be honest this has just summed up what i look for in a holiday.

Saying that, i consider myself an “average joe” without wild tastes.

Because of this i believe Cape Verde stands a real chance of taking off over the next few years.

I actually believe that the only reason it has not done so thus far is because of the economic crisis we have found ourselves in.

The reason for this, well do UK holiday makers really have a choice?

Unless you want to go to Egypt, where is close enough to get guaranteed sun in november through to february?

If flight costs continue to increase it’s going to all but price the UK holiday maker out of places such as the Caribbean and U.S.A.

With 1 beds at Dunas Beach Resort going from as little as £74,000 and only a 35% deposit needed it certainly looks inexpensive.

Add to this the fact that you can go for 5 weeks of the year and still command a 9.5% yield worst case, it looks even better.

The compound this with the fact that it’s 2 years off-plan and prices have statistically risen 15% per annum, meaning that in 2 years you may have 30% equity already built in!

Well i’m sold!

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