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SIPP's, The leaders debate and the £59 pension

23rd April 2010

After watching the leader’s debate last night, one thing stuck in my mind, it wasn’t any particular party policy (at the moment it seems they all have flaws somewhere) it was… the poor old lady that is currently having to live on £59 per week as her state pension!

The thing that I find the worst about this is that, we all know that by putting our pension in the hands of the government, we are never truly in control. I, like many others, like to be in control of my finances and this is where I would like to make the case for the Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) known.

Not only do I like to know how much of a pension I will have to live on come retirement age, but I would also like to be able to increase this amount which will either mean me retiring earlier than originally planned or living a more prosperous retirement period. The only way you can truly take control is by utilising the money in the form of a SIPP. There are fantastic benefits available for people putting money into a SIPP such as attracting tax relief at your tax rate; this means that if someone is taxed at 40% the government will add 40% to any contributions they make towards their SIPP!

Another advantage to a SIPP is the ability to borrow up to the value of 50% of your SIPP to increase your buying power this means; if an investor has a pension value of £100,000 they can then borrow a further £50,000 against this, giving a purchasing power of £150,000.

I believe that the only real way to have a secure and happy retirement is to use a SIPP to invest in property, be it in the UK or Overseas. The returns available in our Cape Verde Investment for example, show that if an investor had a pension value of around £84,000 they could increase this figure to around the £300,000 mark in 10 years, and still have an apartment providing a net profit per year of £12,000! This is based on pessimistic figures, assuming that growth isn’t as good as it has proven to be over the past few years.

We think now is a fantastic time to invest in any property with your SIPP, especially those in Cape Verde; which is a real emerging country currently receiving 15% growth per annum and tourism increases of around 27.5% pa expected to top 1,000,000 per year by 2015.

For more information on investing in property with the use of your pension including unlocking frozen pensions contact info@freshinvest.co.uk

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