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Dunas Beach Resort, What our investors say...

12th February 2010

For months we have been talking about how great an opportunity Dunas Beach Resort is, it has obviously worked as we were overwhelmed by the amount of interest we have had in this overseas investment opportunity.

We thought prospective investors may like to hear what previous buyers had to say about this investment.

Mrs Carole Winters – Shrewsbury.

“In 2009 we approached Fresh Invest initially looking for a holiday home, we had a budget in mind but were aware that we were stretching ourselves, however we knew that if we did not buy now then we may never have!

Over the next month or so i had various conversations with Dan regarding various properties in various locations. In the end we settled on Cape Verde and Dunas Beach Resort. We loved the idea that we could invest in a good size 1 bed apartment with just £32,000. We were also very interested in the equity release scheme which mean’t that we used £30,000 worth of equity in our home and topped up the £2,000 ourselves!

Seeing as we had set aside money to buy the flat, to know that we could use equity in our house was a massive relief to us.

Dan gave us a financial breakdown on the apartment based on comparables in other developments showing that we should look to make at least £6,000 per year after all costs including mortgage payments. He also showed us what we could mortgage the property for on completion, at the moment it looks as if we should actually be able to pull out all of our deposit on completion!

We have decided to enter into the hotel agreement meaning that Sol Melia will take care of all rentals ensuring we get the best rates for our apartment. We also get 5 weeks use of the apartment for free.

Since then we have found out that Dunas Beach has been upgraded to a 5* resort which was great news.

I have to admit the investment was a little daunting in the first instance but once we got our heads around it the process started to make sense.

Now we are looking forward to a lovely apartment that has cost us £32,000 that  we didn’t even know we had and receiving 5 weeks use and £6,000 per year! thanks Fresh Invest!”

….Just one investor that took advantage of the various money saving options on Dunas Beach Resort!

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