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Act now or forget your pension

11th November 2010

Pensions, Savings, Isa’s….
What do all of these have in common?
Well other than shocking returns, the chances are that over half of you are relying on one of these come retirement.

Forgive my scepticism, I can only talk from past experience, you see I’ve got a share portfolio which I’m looking to for a pension, I’ve had this for 7 years and rather than make me any money, it’s actually fallen 3% in value.

The news is full of programmes investigating the current financial crisis; no avenue of investment seems to be safe.
Panorama recently investigated the vast fees and commissions some pension companies take from their clients, in one case a lady’s net return over 21 years was just 3%…it would have been 4% if she had not been paying various charges!
Now I’m sure that there are other pensions that would return her a larger sum but as she pointed out, how do you know which are any good?
Well the answer is, you really don’t…

Why Property?

For years I have tried to educate clients as to the benefits of investing in property as your pension. Not only do you benefit from any rental returns after mortgage payments but you will also over a number of years, benefit from capital growth.

It has been widely documented that property prices have taken a tumble in many locations, however if you buy smart and at a good price you massively reduce your risk.
The average pension pot in the UK is around £33,000; now for many of you it may not be too late to do something about this.
Below I will show you a simple way to make your money work for you in property.

Let’s take a 35 year old male that wants to retire at 55.

  • Purchase a 1 bed apartment for £150,000. (Multiple locations across the south coast)
  • Deposit needed £30,000 (20%)
  • *Repayment Mortgage over 20 years = £735 pcm (4% interest rate)
  • Rent PCM = £750 pcm (average for this price and location)
  • Management Cost £75 pcm (10%)
  • Additional payments = £60 pcm.

*Remember this is a repayment mortgage, not interest only, the long term goal is to pay this mortgage off over 20 years.

If you look at the £60 as your pension payments, in 20 years time you will have a pension pot worth £150,000, not taking into account any growth; giving you a return of £750 pcm.
Now the chances are that there will be capital growth during this period, if we take it at just 5% per year, your property will be worth £397,995 in 20 years time.
Rental also historically increases over time, if we take 5% here as well, your £750 would be worth £1,990 pcm in 20 years.

In Conclusion:

When investing in stocks and shares, it is extremely hard to get an idea of what they will be worth come retirement time. Brokers and IFA’s will bombard you with figures, but for the most part it’s a shot in the dark.
One thing that not is historical data on property and rental growth, this can be proved, as can the UK’s desperate need for more property and the demand for rental property in certain areas.
Many of you probably own a house and have done for a number of years, cast your mind back 20 years and recall the re-sale and rental values then. See what I mean?

In short:

  • £30,000 investment in property now
  • £60 pcm top up

Should provide you with…

  • An asset worth £397,995 in 20 years time
  • Income of £1,990 per month.

The Alternative:

Keep ploughing money into a product you’re not in control of and you probably don’t understand.

For information on how you can make your pension work best for you contact Fresh Invest on 01243 527327 or email info@freshinvest.co.uk.

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