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Where’s your winter retreat?

23rd September 2011

With summer coming to a close, where are you going to be jetsetting off to this winter to get away from what is already being named a “brutal” winter???

With snow forecast as early as next month (October) I can see why many of the destinations causing a buzz at the moment are those with high levels of sun every year and minimal rainfall.

Cape Verde Investment









One such location which has been causing a stir in the property industry recently is Cape Verde, the most searched for investment location last month. We have been a preacher for investment in Cape Verde for some time now. With its excellent location in relation to Europe and the fact sun is almost guaranteed with 360 days per year! This is just the type of location you need if you are looking to go away for a short break in the depths of winter. The flight is almost directly south from the UK which means there is very little time difference and a day is not lost due to jet lag.

Cape Verde is an archipelago of 11 islands of which we believe the prime island for investment is “Sal” due to its present infrastructure and a successful international airport. In Cape Verde we wouldn’t invest with any other developer than The Resort Group, their performance over the last couple of years in this location has been phenomenal!

The Resort Group are the pioneering developer behind projects like Tortuga Beach Resort and Dunas Beach Resort, both sitting on the beautiful west coast of Sal on Ponta Preta beach. Tortuga Beach Resort which was their first development is now a fully operational holiday destination in its own right.

The importance behind The Resort Group’s sterling success on the island of Sal in Cape Verde lies with their new investment proposition in Llana Beach Hotel & Spa.

Llana Beach Hotel & Spa is TRG’s newest project on the island of Sal. Llana is a development of 601 hotel suites that are available for purchase by any investor be it through Cash, mortgage or a Self Invested personal pension.

Here’s how it works:

The Resort Group offer investors the chance to purchase a unit in their development off-plan, (prior to build completion) there are 3 purchasing options with 3 different deposit levels from 45% right up to 85%. By purchasing a unit with only cash they will actually give a 15% deposit, hence the no 100% option!

The Resort Group pay interest at a level of 3% on the first 45% of the property price for a period of 3 years, or until completion.

Upon completion of the suite the purchaser will benefit from being a member of the rental pool operated by a top hotel operator* meaning very high rental returns for years to come. The purchaser is also given 5 weeks free usage per year of their unit in a top 5 star resort in a beautiful location.

Here’s why it works:

The Resort Group have a long and established reputation in Cape Verde and can not only promise to deliver a high end development on time, they can prove that they’ve already done it once this year.

The Resort Group have partnered with the largest resort operator in the industry (Sol Melia) to ensure that rental returns are high and consistent. This has already been proven to be the case, with their first development Tortuga operating successfully and consistently at a level of around 80% occupancy.

The Resort Group have now sold out on both Tortuga and Dunas, which puts them in a very strong position for this, their third development on the island.

When a developer is partnering with companies as large and respectable as Sol Melia, your investment is in safe hands!

For more details of any of our current investment opportunities, please contact us on +44 (0) 1243 527 327 or at info@freshinvest.co.uk

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