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Winter Sun on your doorstep!

9th December 2010

Llana Beach, Tortuga Beach, Dunas Beach ResortAs the days get shorter, winter closes in and the thermals re-appear many peoples thoughts turn to their chosen winter sun retreats. For many it is the Caribbean , others the U.S, some Dubai and a few even further afield!

Lets face it, we live in one of the least sunny countries out there but i don’t know many people that don’t run for the beach at the slightest sight of sun!

Ask any of the holidaymakers what the worst part of their trip was and i guarantee most will say the flight. Unless you are an Oligarch, paying £10,000 for a first class seat to Barbados is well out of their budget. So there you are, packed in like a sardine for your 10 hour flight….God its bringing back memories as i write this!

But we have no choice i hear you say!

Well actually you do, what if i told you that guaranteed sun is only the length of Les Miserables away and you probably haven’t even considered it!

Today as i write this Cape Verde is a balmy 29 degrees and sunny….the same temperature as Barbados, but in Barbados it’s raining!

Don’t get me wrong, i love the Caribbean, i have an apartment there. The difference is, i couldn’t go to Barbados for a long weekend!

I love the idea of hopping on a flight out of Gatwick and within 5 and a half hours i’m sitting on a beach in 29 degree heat! For someone who likes to take his holidays in short sharp bursts instead of long marathons it just makes sense.

It seems i’m not the only one, Tourism numbers are expected to hit over 500,000 this year from just 150,000 3 years ago!

With increased tourism inevitably comes increased flights and hotels, with 2 new Sol Melia hotels named Dunas Beach Resort and Tortuga Beach Resort under construction and a further named Llana Beach Hotel and Spa due to start construction in March next year, Sol Melia certainly believes in the longevity of the Islands.

You can now fly out of most major European cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham.

For those of you thinking of investing in a holiday home, properties on Dunas Beach Resort, Tortuga Beach Resort and Llana Beach Hotel and Spa are available to buy.

With investors able to purchase at one of these 5* resorts with just £33,000 it’s no wonder they have already sold 80% of their first 2 resorts.

Being part of Sol Melia’s 5* brand means all resorts will have an impressive list of amenities including numerous swimming pools, tennis courts, bars, restaurants, spa facilities etc…

We have are proud to say we are one of The Resort Group’s oldest agents so if you are thinking of investing, pick up the phone and we’ll talk you through the opportunity.

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