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What is the future for Cape Verde?

8th December 2010

Llana Beach Resort Cape Verde Cast your mind back a few years and Cape Verde was the “buzz word” with many overseas property investors.

Year round sun, economic grants, low prices and the promise of increased tourism mean’t the future looked bright!

The last 2 years have seen highs and lows for this particular country.

The slow down and in some cases obliteration of many countries economies has indeed affected some of the developments in Cape Verde.

Personally i think it weeded out the developers who were indeed sailing a bit too close to the wind! With any overseas property investment, the scariest part for any purchaser is the chance the developer dissapears with your hard earned deposit.

Well i would argue that any developer still building on Cape Verde has definitely seen the worst of it and if they are still building now you can feel fairly sure you’ll have a property come completion!

A point worth considering …… Cape Verde still has year round sun, they are still taking advantage of economic grants, their prices haven’t really changed and you can now fly direct from most european capitals!

I’d argue the title “the caribbean for europe” is still warranted, after all i haven’t seen any other countries rising from the waves recently!

In fact, in one way its definitely better than the Caribbean, no hurricanes!

So if you do invest there, what are your options.

Well for me there are 2 and they depend on what you want to get out of your ownership.

1. You just want a holiday home and won’t want to rent it.

Maybe your best option is to buy either an apartment in a smaller resort or alternatively a residential property.

Can decorate it as you wish
Can buy now

No swimming pool
Tennis Court
Restaurants and Bars on site etc…
Doubt over the quality of the build
No security
No management

2. You want something you can use but also want to derive an income from.

It’s worth considering a property on a managed 5* hotel resort.

Large list of communal activities inc…
Swimming Pools
Tennis Courts
Restaurants and Bars etc…
Fully Managed
Needs to comply with 5* european standards so spec will be high
Higher rental can be charged
Marketed for you
Ready for you when you arrive

Probably more expensive but can be easily mortgaged
Need to specify your dates to visit in advance
Management costs

If like me you want the benefits of owning a property abroad without the drawbacks of actually having to manage it then option 2 is for you.

The Resort Group is one such developer, they have 2 existing developments, Dunas Beach and Tortuga Beach Resort. These are both 5* hotel resorts which can be invested in for under £34,000!

These 2 developments offer 1 beds apartments right up to 4 bedroom sea front villas.

Another option is to wait for The Resort Groups latest development, Llana Beach Hotel and Spa. Details are limited at the moment but the site is again beach front and will be nestled neatly between Dunas and Tortuga beach Resort.

If the past is anything to go by, Llana Beach Hotel and Spa will definitely stir the emotions, The Resort Group has made a name for itself in Cape Verde by offering affordable holiday property on a 5* resort that is not out of reach of the standard investor!

We are taking expressions of interest for Llana Beach Hotel and Spa now, so to be first in the queue please contact us.

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