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Cape Verde voted 4th best place to visit in 2011

4th November 2010

This week the islands of Cape Verde were voted number 4 on a list of the top 10 places to see in 2011 by Lonely Planet. Now, anyone who has travelled to an overseas country should know the importance of “Lonely Planet” in the travel industry. They hold a massive share in the travel guides market and with this they have a strong influence over travel decisions for many intrepid travelers.

The news that Lonely Planet put Cape Verde at number 4 in their list did not completely surprise me, the reason for this is: The islands have long been a relatively undiscovered location, an Archipelago of 15 islands and the largest and fastest emerging of all of these islands does not have one full, European standard, 5 star resort. The islands boast truly stunning beaches, seas and a global position that gives some 360 days of sunshine every year and for these reasons it was only a matter of time before they started to appeal to the flocks of Europeans looking for guaranteed sun in the winter.

These islands are really stirring up a storm in the tourism industry recently. They are located just off of the West Coast of Africa and because of this location; they are only 2 hours behind GMT and are only a 5 hour flight away from the UK. This accessibility to Europe has lead to a real surge of tourism interest and further, development and inward investment.

The secret to capitalizing on this exponential growth is to be positioned in the correct market and our investment in Cape Verde is ideal for just that.

Our investment offers purchasers the chance to own an apartment in a 5* Resort on the Island of Sal in Cape Verde. The Resort will be managed by Sol Melia who are the largest resort operators in the world. Sal is the fastest growing of all islands with an average occupancy in hotels of 80% and in 4* resorts 95%. We have worked out that using the same rates and occupancy figures as a 4* resort our resort will return a massive 18%+ to our investors.

Flights to Cape Verde are priced fairly low at the moment but with the growth in demand from tourists, more and more flights are being put on every week and as a result prices are coming down.

So we have a country in an unbeatable location, with high praise from a global travel company, politically stable, with rising tourism figures and an investment perfectly positioned to capitalise on this growing market.

For more information on our Cape Verde Property Investments click here.

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