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Cape Verde Looks Set For an Exciting Future - Property Investors Take Note!

17th June 2009

So where does Cape Verde fit? With a sunnier climate than the Canary Islands and Half the flight time of the Caribbean, Cape Verde looks set to be injected with massive investment from developers looking for the next “sure thing”. When developing or investing anywhere, the most important factor to consider is “LOCATION”.

If you can find a location that has all the benefits of its competitors but still remains relatively unspoilt, you could be on to a winner. Cape Verde offers exactly that! It’s not rocket science to realise that with increased flight costs and many people being able to take even less holiday the British public is looking for a location to holiday that they can get to quickly, won’t cost them the earth to stay and perhaps most importantly has “Guaranteed sunshine”!

Many well known developers have pinpointed Cape Verde as the Place to Be over the next few years, land and property costs still remain relatively inexpensive with apartments starting from £72,000 and villas from £150,000. If you equate this to the classier parts of Tenerife which it is competition with, they are at least 50% below Tenerife values. Perhaps the best apsect is that this country made up of 10 islands, all of which are relatively unspoilt, the government wants to retain the lush greenery of the Caribbean whilst building up select areas giving the necessary infrastructure to support the holiday trade that looks sure to increase over the coming years.

Some forward thinking property investors have already realised the potential capital growth to be gained by purchasing property in Cape Verde. Property prices have started to increase, the last 2 years capital growth has been at around 15% per annum. Prices have been so strong that they seem to have become recession proof, the predicted slow down in buying has just not happened! If you are in the market for a holiday home or have grand aspirations of retiring abroad one day, why not take a look at the Fresh Invest website. In a climate where we have all seen our pensions probably halve in value, investing in a property that you also get to use and also could give you a return in double figures may be the best thing you ever did!

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